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CG v2 Cally
Recently some cloned tan CG 2.0A bodies showed up on eBay. I happened to be looking for a 2.0A body to put in the Harley suit because the suit did not really fit the CG 1.5 body of Cutey Harley so I bought one.
The cloned body came without hands and feet but since the Harley costume comes with gloves and boots that was not a problem.
The skin tone of the tan 2.0A body is somewhat lighter than that of the original CG 2.0A bodies that came with Harley and Ash.
The joints of the cloned body are as stiff and tight as an original CG 2.0 body and the Harley suit fits the body perfectly.

I decided to fit a head that came with a TTL body. The skintone of this head actually matches the light tan of this body better than the skin tone of original TTL body.
The face reminds me a bit of Cally from the 'Blakes 7' BBC tv series, so I named her Cally.

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bodyCG 'v2 tan' (cloned)
headTTL (TFB09003)
remarksoriginal CG Harley costume
Triad boot feet

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