1/6 Scale B-Girl

CG Fleur Fleur is another one of my B-Girls, an action figure body that I fitted with a lovely Barbie head.
Once again I bought the Barbie head as a loose item off eBay. This particular head looks so cute and lovely that I just had to have it.
The head is featured on the 2011 Summer page on Katti's Dolls website, so it was easy to identify as belonging to a Rock 'N Royals Rayna, one of the main characters in the 2015 animated "Barbie in Rock 'N Royals" movie.

With its curved cheeks this 2011 Summer head sculpt is one of the most beautiful recent Barbie heads IMHO.
The slightly bigger smile, the long bangs and the way the eyes are printed on this particular head make it one of those heads that looks lovely from any angle.
Being a fairly recent design (2011) the head is a bit larger than most earlier heads, but no bigger than a 2003 Summer head, so still credibly sized for a 1/6 scale figure. The head looks particularly good on a CG v2 B body and the skintones are a good match as well.
I don't know why this head was never fitted to a 2014 Barbie "Rock 'n Royals" Rayna doll, as the head, hair and face all look beautiful and flawless.

To make the head fit I slightly modified the neck of the CG v2 body. After that I used a piece of vinyl tubing to adapt the neck post to the wider neck hole of the head.
As the head was already 5 years old and its vinyl no longer as flexible as that of a new head, I cut the square top edge of the vinyl tubing into a more pointy shape.
To make the vinyl of the heads neck hole more flexible, I warmed up the neck hole by placing the base of the head over the edge of a central heating radiator, letting it warm up for half an hour (to about 50°C).

To reduce the wasp-waist effect of the CG body I padded her waist using thin (2mm) foam rubber sheet.

Fleur showing the back of her leggings For now I made her a pair of shiny red leggings and gave her a straight white blouse to wear. I changed the design of the leggings to give the back of its waist band a V-shape.

I named her Fleur (french for 'flower') because the bright red streaks in her hair do remind me a bit of a multi-colored flower and because in Dutch there is a verb derived from fleur (opfleuren) meaning 'to brighten things up' which is exactly what she does with her lovely smile.

I later found on the Heroes Wiki site that the full name of her original movie character is Rayna Magnolia, which adds yet another flower-connection.

CG Fleur
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Member SinceDec 26th 2019
bodyCG v2 type B
head2014 Barbie "Rock 'n Royals" Rayna CKB63
sculpt codeX2276 ('new Summer' face sculpt ©2011)
remarksneck adapted to fit head
padded waist

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Fleur with some flowers Fleur, portrait Fleur with Claire, Gwen, Kassie and Janet Fleur, portrait Fleur, initial portrait Fleur, initial portrait

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