1/6 Scale B-Girl

CG Joy After finding out that my spare CG heads had turned too stiff to fit to bodies, I started looking for some new heads to fit to the spare CG bodies in my collection.
I found some loose Barbie heads on eBay that looked like brand-new factory surplus, some rooted, some bald.

Among the rooted heads was this adorable 'modified Carnaval' head that I really could not resist buying.

When I received the head it turned out looking even more lovely than it did on the auction page pictures. That cute face with that big happy smile and those big brown eyes really makes you want to hug her.

It looks like this particular head was destined to be fitted to a 2018 Barbie Fashionistas nr.53 'Lovely in Lilac' (DVX75) doll, but failed to pass quality checks due to some minor discolorations in the vinyl (this was pointed out and marked on the auction page, but even when using bright light and a magnifying glass I have a hard time spotting the discolorations, this might be a case of dye stains dispersing through the soft vinyl).

Unlike most of the heads of my B-Girls this one clearly has doll-like features, particularly when viewed from the side but to me her lovely smile more than makes up for that.

To match her pale skin tone I picked an 'enhanced' CGv2 body, smoothened the seams, modified the neck and fitted a piece of vinyl tubing to adapt the neck post to the wider neck hole of the head.

For now I gave her an oversized cuddly sweater, a pair of black FemBasix leggings and a pair of Uggs-lookalikes to wear.
Some time later I made her white leggings printed with pink hearts.

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Member SinceDec 6th 2018
bodyCG v2 type A 'enhanced' (cloned)
head2016 Barbie Fashionistas DVX75
sculpt codeW2899 ('mod-Carnaval' face sculpt ©2010)
remarksneck adapted to fit head
removed notches from wrist pegs
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