1/6 Scale Cool Girl

Like Anne, here is another Cy Girl that isn't (i.e. none of the parts were ever sold by BBI/Takara).
I bought this figure complete on eBay, she consists of a CG v2 ("3.0") type B body and a cloned version (no CG code on the back of the head) of the first edition Midori head sculpt. The head sculpt is interesting because it differs slightly from the original. Slightly slimmer cheeks and a more squarely shaped chin makes her look a few years older than the teenager-like original. The skin tone is also slightly darker than the original.

cloned Midori head Midori head 1st release
Miyako (cloned Midori) Midori 1st release

Midori heads in side view

On this particular head the white paint for the eyes had spilled slightly on to the edges of the lower eyelids. I rounded off and polished the back of the tip of an X-Acto #2 blade (to make sure only the sharp side of the tip would scrape off any paint) and used that to carefully scrape the white paint off the edges.

Chidori and Miyako side by side

ID picture




NameMiyako  美夜子 
Member SinceJan 4th 2010
bodyCG v2 type B
headCG Midori (cloned)

Miyako puffed up hair The hair of figures often tends to straighten slightly over time, resulting in a puffed up look. The short hair of Miyako is particulary prone to puffing up, this picture was taken just 8 months after the pictures above.

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