1/6 Scale Ladies Mission bodied Cool Girl

LM Emma For Emma I used a Soldier Story v1 body sold by Triad, this body is similar to regular Ladies Mission bodies apart from being fitted with ball joint ankles rather than the usual flange type ankles.

These bodies usually have a lot of seams along mating halves and joints. I sanded all seams flush, then smoothed the entire body with a grade 1500 sanding sponge.

I trimmed the top of the neck to accept an OJI FemBasix head (or any CG head for that matter: the top of the neck is just too square and wide for most heads to fit properly). The neck is also slightly oblong, it should be circular 13mm in diameter at 2mm below the top edge, tapering to about 10mm at the edge.

I fixed the wobbly pegs the bare Soldier Story feet had.

LM Emma Emma wears a white FemBasix sweater and black FemBasix fishnet stockings both from OJI. The skirt is from a 'Captain Uniform Set' I got from eBay, the belt and the tall zip-up boots are loose items, also from eBay.

LM Emma portrait The head is an unpainted FemBasix Lia head that I painted myself.
It was my first try at painting 1/6 scale faces and I learned a lot from it.
The OJI Lia head sculpt has rather large eyes, I tried to make the irises a bit smaller than the standard OJI print has, this resulted in a bit of a puppy dog look, but the end result is quite lovely anyway.

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Member SinceMar 16th 2010
bodySoldier Story v1 (Triad)
headFemBasix Lia, fair skin, brown hair
remarkspainted face
body sanded
neck adapted for OJI head
bare CG v1 hands

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Emma Emma

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