1/6 Scale BBI Perfect Body v1.5 bodied Cool Girl

CG PB Kathy BBI have their own Cy Girl Perfect Body series.
These figures are a bit cheaper than the CG v1 and v2 bodied girls and come with simplified click-stop hip joints.
In 2007 BBI released a pair of new PB figures with new head sculpts and improved bodies.
BBI made two series of each, each with differently painted heads. The first series Caucasian figure came with red hair and blue-gray ('storm-cloud gray') eyes, the second series came with auburn hair and green eyes.
Although the faces were painted without much details, these PB faces look surprisingly good in close up.
The way the faces are painted varies quite a bit, some look rather bland but I found a really gorgeous loose first series head at One Sixth Depot.

At first I fitted this head to a spare Perfect Body (the same body that I used for Chidori before), put her in a black PVC catsuit, gave her a pair of black gloved Mystere hands and made her some custom pumps cut from FemBasix pumps.
CG PB Kathy pumps

CG PB Kathy with ZC Eve body Later I bought a ZC Eve and put the head on that body.
The black catsuit barely fitted the Perfect Body, so for the even curvier Eve body I bought a new red PVC catsuit with matching boots.

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Member SinceAug 23th 2008
bodyZC Eve (pale)
headPB v1.5 first series
remarkswidened neck hole of ZC body for greater range

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