AMT Snap Fit Series

Mazda Rx-7

box top (29KB)

Despite being a Snap Fit kit with only 32 parts, this kit results in a nicely detailed model. Quite surprising, given the single piece engine bay interior, six part cockpit interior (tub, seatbacks, dash, steering wheel, shifter).

Mazda Mikado Rx-7

box top (29KB)

This kit is based on AMT's regular Rx-7 Snap Fit kit, but comes with a new body with a big air dam, flared fenders and Vector type wheels with wide tires.
Quite a wild looking little kit !

As the Lesney company owned both AMT and Matchbox at the time of release, these kits were also released through Matchbox in Europe, the Matchbox box number for AMT kit nr 2004 is PK-2301.

If you happen to find one of these kits, do check the decals ! The decals are dry rub-on decals rather than the usual waterslide type. Dry decals will easily deteriorate (come apart from the backing film and crumble) over time !

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