Aoshima Savanna RX-7 Custom

released in 1979
rereleased in October 2005

box top (28.8kB) At 1/20 scale this is a rather large and well detailed kit. The kit is basically for a 'factory' race car without decals. The same kit is also used to base a Gr.5 Silhouette racer on.
The kit can be fitted with an electric motor and the pop-up headlights can be fitted with light bulbs, motor and bulbs are not included in the rerelease.
The model comes with a single piece insert for the engine bay details and a well detailed race car cockpit interior, with a pressurized fuel tank in the boot. Although the lower half of a street dashboard is provided, it is not used, nor is the pedal cluster. Doors, hood, head lights and rear hatch come with actual hinges. Chassis is simplified to allow for the electric motor and the lid of the battery compartment.
A set of satin aluminum plated parts offer wide Speed Star Mk.III wheels, a set of brake discs, license plates and more.
A set of wide tires and some hardware and wires for motorization are included.
No decals at all are included in this kit, so all emblems have to be hand painted, fortunately the emblems on the body are raised.
The long edge of the box shows some useful pictures of the interior and engine bay.
Body parts are molded in bright green, chassis parts are molded in black.

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