Bandai Savanna RX-7, 1/24 Scale Sports Car Series Nr.1

box top (13.9KB) This is a well detailed motorized kit, which is usually a contradiction for cars this size.
On the one hand the interior has its cabin floor raised to the height of the rubbing strips to make room for batteries, on the other hand the level of detail is high with quite a few small and well detailed parts such as a roof console or separate tail gate hinges, parts that you rarely find in other kits.
The cabin interior has a detailed center console and dashboard with accurate steering wheel, shift knob, handbrake handle, rear view mirror with roof console, seats and optional driver figure.
The headlights can be positioned in closed or raised position and can be fitted with light bulbs.
A Mabuchi RE-140 electric motor is included, as are parts for running the car around a pole and a whisker bar for running the car through a gutter track.
Body is molded in bright green plastic, chassis and interior parts are molded in black. Clear parts contain a full set of windows and lenses for headlights, taillights and front indicators. Plated parts consist of Mazda alloy wheels, exhaust tip and rear license plate lights. A set of rubber Bridgestone RE-100 tires and some electrical wires and motorizing hardware completes the kit.
A set of decals is included with Mazda factory sill stripes, black contours for the rear side windows, colored panels to apply behind the taillights and a choice of showroom, japanese or californian license plates.

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