Nitto/Blue Tank Shiden RE13B-78 (kit nr.TK-8809)

box top (14.7kB) A neat little (1/28) motorized kit, originally made by Nitto (kit 667), reboxed by the Taiwanese Blue Tank toy company.

The Shiden was designed by K. Takahara as a 2ltr sportscar for competing in the Japanese Fuji Grand Championship series. At its debut in 1977 it was fitted with a 2ltr BMW engine.
For the 1978 season the car was revised, the BMW engine was replaced by a Mazda 13B rotary and the rear of the body was truncated.
The kit represents the rotary-powered 1978 version of the car.

The kit consists of a one-piece body, a detailed interior with a five-piece racing driver and a fairly simple floorpan. The front wheels steer, the electric motor is mounted in the back of the model and a single AA-size battery is hidden behind the cockpit. An FA-130 electric motor is included in the kit.
The decals are well printed and look convincing, I can't comment on their accuracy.

Below is an image from the 1979 Nitto catalog showing a completed model.
Nitto 1979 catalog image (25.8kB)

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