Kabaya 'Deluxe Big*1 Gum' models

These kits come with a big piece of bubble gum, or does the bubble gum come with a model kit ?
The models are easy to assemble snap-kits (no glue required) and are made out of soft polypropylene, which does make these kits a bit hard to paint.
There were several series of kits made, some series include an RX-7 model.

1/40 scale Savanna RX-7, nr. 5

box top (12.9KB) This kit represents a japanese Rx-7 (FB) SE Limited model and consists of 41 parts in green, black and plated polypropylene and clear front and rear windows.
The kit includes a fully detailed cabin interior with righthand drive dashboard, center console with shift knob and handbrake handle. The doors and the headlights are hinged and can be opened and closed.
Parts for wheels, exhaust tips and head lights, tail lights and indicator lights are brightly plated.
A small set of self-adhesive stickers offers showroom plates, Mazda and SE Limited badges.

1/38 scale Savanna RX-7 (FC) GT Limited, nr. F

box top (17KB) With 54 parts in white, black and plated polypropylene and clear windows, the kit is surprisingly well detailed for its size. It offers authentic cockpit details and a particularly nice dashboard. The body comes with posable head lights and separate side molds (rubbing strips).
A small set of self-adhesive stickers contains badges, number plates and multi-colored tail lights.

1/43 scale Charge Mazda 787B, nr. 1

box top (27.2KB) This kit represents the Le Mans winning 'Charge' Mazda 787B. Parts for the body and rear wing are molded in orange, the remaining parts are in black with clear parts for windows and head light covers.
The kit comes with a large sheet of self-adhesive stickers that offers well detailed emblems and all non-orange parts of the Charge livery.

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