Mitsuwa Mazda RX-7 Savanna, Mid Racer Sports Car Series Nr.S-6

box top (16.6KB) This is not a scale model, but rather a cute little caricature of an RX-7 Turbo II.
The kit has to be assembled using a snap-washer and some screws, no glue is required. The windows are tinted dark brown to hide a total lack of interior details. The actual model is 8cm long and looks quite a bit better than the box art suggests.
side view (2.9KB) It is fitted with a spring loaded 'pull-back' motor driving the wide rear wheels. The front axle is fixed, no steering mechanism is provided.
A very nice decal sheet is included, it contains a full set of 'mazda' and 'GT Limited' badges, a set of black side mold lines, tail lights and two sets of 'RX-7' and 'savanna' logos, one set in white, the other one in black.
The kit was released in several colors and with several types of wheels.

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