Tamiya Savanna Rx-7 Limited

released in November 1978

box top (28KB)

A well detailed model, depicting a japanese Limited Edition. A Mach Green (bright green metallic with a yellowish hue) paint job is a must for this type. The model kit comes with authentic decals depicting the striping as offered on the Limited Edition type.
The model comes with a one-piece body shell. The floorpan is somewhat simplified to allow for motorization. The interior is well-detailed and complete down to a set of pedals on the floorboard, the only trace of the electric motor being the covered rear luggage space.
The wheels are well depicted, but unfortunately at 15 scale inches the diameter is 2 inches too large. The unmarked low-profile tires look very different from the stock 70-series tires.
A driver figure is included, as are an electric motor and lightbulbs for the head lights. The headlights can be raised and lowered by operating a push rod that sticks through the radiator shroud on the floorpan.

contents purple version (22.7KB) Chassis and interior parts are moulded in black, the D-parts frame with wheels, headlight bezels and license plate frames is satin plated.
Body and A-parts are usually moulded in green, although a limited run was made with these parts moulded in purple (same catalog number as the green version, but a purple dot and a japanese note 'body molded in purple' on the box edges).

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