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Honey Kisaragi

Honey Kisaragi

Kassie and Zendaya

Kassie and Zendaya

Most recent changes to Action Figure pages

Sep 24, 2022Head Sculpt CodesAdded more sculpt codes and a note with a link to a picture to the Barbie list.
Sep 10, 2022LaetitiaAdded new page and added Laetitia to the My Girls and Head Sculpt Codes pages.
Aug 16, 2022Head Sculpt CodesAdded another code to the Barbie list.
Aug  1, 2022Main CG PageRestored picture of Nicky as initial picture.
Jul  2, 2022Main CG PageReplaced initial picture of Nicky with picture of Claire, for Disability Pride Month.
Jun  7, 2022LilyAdded some portrait pictures.
May 23, 2022CG Accessories and ClothesAdded link to new picture of cutting mask for cropped top.
May 18, 2022KaylaAdded some more pictures.
May 13, 2022CG ProjectsUpdated the status of the 'Kayla' project and updated the page for Kayla.
May  4, 2022CG ProjectsUpdated the status of the 'Kayla' and 'Bo' projects and updated the page for Kayla.
May  3, 2022Thoughts and TriviaAdded another thought.
May  1, 2022More Favorite PicsFixed broken links to pictures of Andrea.
Apr 21, 2022CG ProjectsAdded new body bash to list.
Mar 27, 2022Improving an Armoury bodyAdded new page about improving the looks of the Armoury body that I used for Claire.
Mar 26, 2022Various PagesReplaced 'face mould' with 'face sculpt' to be consistent.
Mar  6, 2022CG ProjectsAdded new page, listing all of the projects I am currently working on.
Feb 14-21, 2022Various PagesAll pages updated for new website; lots of minor changes.
Jan 23, 2022Pictures of JessicaAdded new page: "Jessie fixes Blue Monday".
Jan  2, 20222019 StatisticsChanged 'this page' to links to main Stats page.
Jan  1, 2022this pageMoved change-log and stats for 2020 to a separate page.
Dec  2, 2021Favorite PicsAdded picture of Kassie.
Dec  2, 2021Thoughts and TriviaAdded another thought.
Nov 25, 2021Favorite PicsChanged picture of Sylvia.
Nov 22, 2021CG CareAdded table of links to sections.
Nov  7, 2021CG Accessories and ClothesAdded link to new picture of cutting mask for contoured tube dress.
Nov  6, 2021Yet More Favorite PicsAdded picture of Priscilla.
Nov  4, 2021AvaAdded new page and added Ava to the My Girls page.
Oct 11, 2021Various PagesFixed some links on Stats and Changes pages for 2012, 2017 and 2018 .
Oct  5, 2021Thoughts and TriviaLinked some pictures to note about newly bought Cutey Honey.
Oct  1, 2021LilyAdded new page and added Lily to the My Girls page.
Sep 16, 2021Various PagesAdded picture of neck adapter to pages for Fleur and to B-Girls page.
Aug 22, 2021DahliaAdded new link to portrait picture.
Aug 16, 2021Action Figure LinksChanged link to OJI Toys.
Jul  7, 2021Various PagesAdded some new (old) pictures to pages for Nina, Vera, Pictures of Vera and Favorite Funny Pics.
Jul  1, 2021Head Sculpt CodesAdded another code to the Barbie list.
Jun 24, 2021Head Sculpt CodesAdded more codes to the Barbie list and a note about different 2003 Summer heads.
Jun 12, 2021Head Sculpt CodesAdded missing BBI and Takara cat.nrs. to list of Cy Girls/Cool Girls.
Jun  5, 2021BeckyAdded a new picture.
Jun  2, 2021Head Sculpt CodesAdded some more codes to the Barbie list.
Jun  1, 2021this pageChanged most popular picture to 3rd most popular because most popular and 2nd most popular have been the same every month for a long time.
Mar 31, 2021Yet More Favorite PicsAdded picture of Julianne.
Mar 19, 2021BiancaAdded some new pictures.
Mar 16, 2021Preparing a new BodyAdded new page and linked it to the Repairs page.
Mar 15, 2021BiancaAdded new page and added Bianca to B-Girls and My Girls pages.
Feb 23, 2021DahliaAdded new page and linked her page to the face code on the Barbie list.
Feb 23, 2021Creating a body out of loose partsAdded new page and linked it to the Repairs page.
Jan 27, 2021Fitting LM body with Barbie waistAdded links to some more pictures to clarify the text.
Jan 26, 2021PennyAdded link to larger picture.
Jan 21, 20212019 StatisticsAdded links to main picture.

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